You can read about our logistics below.

For many years now, DanSelection has been working with certifications.

We offer our customers, Christmas trees and spruce that are certified with GlobalGAP.

For you as a customer and business partner, certifications are first and foremost a way of ensuring that you cooperate with a company that works in a structured way with its development. And where there is full focus on traceability, so that you as a customer are completely sure to receive the desired product.

In GlobalGAP, our certification is called 'Chain of Custody'. In particular, it deals with physical and record- keeping traceability and sets out specific form requirements for paperwork.

As we are a trading company and not production, unfortunately we cannot be audited in accordance with the GRASP standard, but we still follow the provisions, as we wish to support focus on social conditions and stay up-to-date on the requirements for our suppliers.

Certification checked annually by external auditors.