Focus & history

Our ideas and vision have made DanSelection a company that is characterized by very special characteristics.

Our focus and history

We at DanSelection wants to ensure that our clients have the best possible Christmas tree sale and that the consumer that purchases their trees with our client are very happy with the tree that they take home to their Christmas celebration. Here is a few of the areas we focus on in order to ensure this;

  • Delivery control and market knowledge: The following season starts for us already in December the year before. Here we travel through Europe, to check up on all the trees we have delivered to discuss adjustments we can make. And to get an even better understanding of the market.
  • Offers: The work with making the offers starts already in January. At this point we all have the season in mind, and can better remember which adjustment might be needed. Also we can get it out of the way before the busy spring time. We do our best to have offers cleared and confirmations out in March. This also leaves sufficient time for the preparations.
  • Labels: Our clients often prefer specific labels with their own logo etc. And by larger quantities of trees we are very happy to supply this. We are often involved in the design process since the labels is not only for the costumer in the shop but also a tool we use in the fields.
  • Selection and quality control: To select the right trees to the right client and to ensure an even selection throughout different fields is no easy task, and is only done by experienced personnel. Still a quality control is necessary to have an extra par of eyes on the selections. Plus we need to go through the trees to check for changes in color, needle loss, alges etc.
  • Packaging: How our clients prefer to have their trees packed is very depending on how and where they are being sold. So, to offer a variety of solutions is important to us, as well as developing new solutions.
  • Logistics: Delivery at the right time and place is crucial. And loading of Christmas trees is not exactly as by other products. So having experienced logistic partners is equally crucial. Another reason we are pleased to have such a close year-round cooperation with our sister company Euro Logistics.