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Potgrown and mini trees


We offer a variety of trees in pot. However, the most popular are the original Kirstineberg potgrown tree. Kirstineberg has many years of experience with the production of pot-in-pot grown tree which insures that the root conforms to the pot and that in can continue to grow. However, it is important that the consumer remembers to water sufficiently.

We also offers other sorts of trees in pots, such as Norway Spruce ( Picea Abies), Blue Spruce ( Picea Pungens), Serbian Spruce (Picea Omorika) and Fraseri.

We normally recommend that the potgrown are delivered in the shops in week 42-44. They are a great way to start the winter/Christmas decorations in front of the shops, and they will look nice for a long time.

Mini trees with stand

This darling little tree is continuing to be more and more popular. And due to its many uses it is very understandable. It is perfect for the smaller living room in apartments, in the children’s room, on the balcony or by the front door. Furthermore, it is very easy for the customer to transport as it is lightweight, clean and doesn’t take up much space, as well as they do not need to worry about the foot.
The tree is possible to pack on basically everything; ½CC, EC, CC or Pallets.