See the large selection of Danish spruce in the best quality.

Our fir treen

We offer the entire range of Cut foliage both regarding the type of spruce and sizes of bundles.
Nordmann and Nobilis in 5 kg bundles for wreaths, decorations and other processing as well as for shielding the garden plants and the for general wholesale use. For direct consumer sale we have bundles of 500g, 750g,1 kg, 2 kg, 3 kg. or however you may prefer to have them made. As well as a large variety of mixbundels in different price ranges.
Of course, we also offer other varieties such as Buxus, Pinus, Cryptomeria, Cypres, Picea Abies and Squarrosa. We find this to be important so that our clients can have to optimal mix of products for their place of sale and client requests.
As by all of products the packaging and the delivery an integrated part of the service we supply. We have developed our own packaging machine that wraps the CC with a net. This ensures an easy and secure opening of the cc. And it is better for the spruce as it allows more air in.