Below you can find a selection of our best-selling Danish plants.

We offer a large selection of Danish plants

The soil, the temperature and the many years of experience have made Denmark a preferred place to produce Christmas trees. However, Christmas trees comes in different varieties as described below:

Abies Nordmannniana

The Nordmann tree is by far the most popular type – not only in Denmark, but also in many of the countries we export to. With a great durability and the soft dark green spruce needles, we understand it quite well.

Picea Abies

The red spruce is in Denmark known as the old, traditional Christmas tree. However, it will lose its needles faster than the Nordmann and have therefore lost therain.
It is easy recognizable by its short needles and the red-brown stem and branches.


The Nobilis tree is mostly known from the cut foliage. But the production of the trees is a challenge in Denmark. It makes for a very decorative tree, but for those that expect a tree similar in growth to the Nordmann, they could be disappointed. For the clients that wish to have them in assortment, we can have arranged for some very nice Irish trees to be delivered together with the Danish.


The pine trees have the cone like appearance that we know from cartoons. They have very long needles and make for a very nice part of the tree assortment.